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to celebrate each life

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We make sure that you can create a ceremony the way you want it. Whether it’s sound recording, having your memories put down in writing, a personalised buffet based on your favourite dishes, or the selection of eco-friendly funeral items – everything is possible. We will support and advise you, and then offer you a clear and accurate quotation with no surprises.

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A&G Funeral Group

A&G FUNERAL GROUP is an experienced 100% Belgian company, offering high-quality funeral services accessible to all.

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Funeral homes and funeral parlours

Our funeral establishments ready to welcome you in Brussels and Wallonia.

List of funeral homes and funeral parlours

What to do in case of death at home ?

Contact your doctor or SOS doctors (📞 1733). Once the death certificate ( IIIC form) has been filled in by a doctor, call us :  02 792 08 00

When can I contact A&G Funeral Group funeral services ?

All day and night, 24h/7 :  📞  02 792 08 00


How much time do I have to organise a funeral ?

You have from 2 to 7 working days after death has been declared by a doctor. This give you time to take all the administrative steps (declaration, authorisation request…) but also to act within a reasonable delay allowing you to spare time for mourning.

May the dead body be kept at home ?

Yes upon certain conditions for hygienic and security reasons.

Must I declare the deceased at the civil service?

No, all administrative steps will be taken by our team.

In some cases, the hospital or rest home send the documents to the administration.

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